Official tourist Guides – a selection

I am not a tourist guide and I always specify it: I am a just a traveler, and for this reason I respect the professionalism of those who have worked and studied to become one.

I want to give visibility to these figures that are often overshadowed by illegal proposals, unfair practices (such as free-tours) or regulatory confusion.

So I decided to collect the references of the licensed tour guides (and ONLY the licensed ones) who want to be listed because I am often asked for names and references.

I made a “call” on Facebook to give my free availability to those who would like to be listed, and here you will find the collection.

Obviously I can’t guarantee that the list is exhaustive, and I don’t pretend to replace with this page any official register.

It is just one more tool that allows me to help more quickly and correctly those who ask me for advice.

The list – Licensed guides, consortia of guides, travel agencies