10 FAQs about Venice for foreign visitors

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Venice is not a Museum. It is a living city!

So, if you have a strange question in your mind, first try answering with “how could this work in my hometown?

For example: is it possible to buy bread/water/cigarettes in Venice? SURE IT IS!

Another example: is water drinkable in Venice? SURE IT IS (and it is great!)

I heard many time these questions, and also other worst. These sound absurd to Venetians.

Sure there are some special regulations for this magical city, and I strongly recommend that you prepare carefully for your visit.

I tried to collect frequently asked questions from Facebook and Instagram comments, and here you may find a list:

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Venice with their answers:

  1. Which are the opening hours of Venice? As I previously said, Venice is a living city. It has no “opening hours“. It is not a Museum! But, obviously, like everywhere, Museums, Churches, shops and other attractions do have opening hours. Check them out before visiting
  2. Do I have to take with me booths for acqua alta? No. You may check the acqua alta level on the Hi!Tide app (android | iOS). Risky months are November – March. And please note that also during the acqua alta phenomenon, only small areas are affected, and, with the new Mose System, these areas are very small. Just in case, you may buy them in place.
  3. What should I pack for Venice? Check on meteo sites (I strongly suggest 3BMeteo) and then choose something you would wear in your city with the same weather. Please note that shoulders and legs have to be covered in order to access Churches.
  4. What is the best time to visit Venice? All year long! During summer, you may find air conditioning everywhere (Museums, shops, restaurants, …) and small calli are in shadow. During winter, you may find warm places and sunny spots along the rive. Venice is romantic with rain, fog and sun, during the day and in the night. So, don’t wait for a specific time. Please note that during the peak periods Venice is overcrowded. So, if it’s possible for you, try to avoid Christmas and New Year, Easter, the vernissage days for the Biennale, and the Mostra del Cinema days.
  5. What are the best things to see in Venice? Here you may find my suggestions
  6. What are the best places to eat in Venice? Here you may find the list of suggested ristoranti and bacari in Venice
  7. What are the typical Venetian foods? Here you may find the list
  8. Where can I find a list of official Museums/attractions official website? Here is my list. You may easily translate it, if needed, with Google Translate. It is important to buy tickets ONLY ON OFFICIAL WEBSITES!
  9. Where can I find a list of official tourist guides? Here you may find my list. Please call only official guides!
  10. Can I use my bike in Venice? No. You can’t visit Venice historic center by bike. Only by feet or by water buses. From the Comune di Venezia website: “Venice historic centre is completely pedestrian, it is not allowed to ride bikes nor any other cycles, not even carrying them by hand. It is only allowed to carry bikes by hand exclusively in the short itinerary going from Venice-Piazzale Roma, across Costituzione bridge, and then going along Santa Lucia street, until the Scalzi Bridge.”
  11. How can I reach Piazza San Marco from Venice Airport? With the blu line of Alilaguna waterbus.


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